Why Vote for Bryon Reed?

Steady Reliable Progress

"Working together as a Board of Commissioners, we have made steady improvements throughout the County during this past year. My responsibilities include, Public Health, Mental Health, Transportation and Fair Board. I will continue to work hard to improve these areas of the County"

Fiscal Responsibility

"Bonneville County is a great example of using tax dollars wisely. All elected officials in Bonneville County work to keep taxes low while still providing a high level of County services. I am happy to work with such a great group of County officials"

Republican Values

"I am a conservative Republican and proudly support Republican values. I stand by the constitution and believe that James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and others were inspired to establish the freedoms we enjoy today. It is our duty to defend these freedoms."

Foster Relationships

"We have great cities within Bonneville county. I have worked to establish a good working relationship with the Mayors of Idaho Falls and Ammon and look forward to working with other city Mayors."