A Native of Bonneville County

Bryon Reed has lived on the west side of Bonneville County his entire life. As a youth he learned to love hard work by working with his family at Reeds Dairy. His joy of working the land propelled him to begin his own farm business in 1982. He has spent many years growing high quality crops and raising cattle. As his business grew Bryon served on various boards to support his industry, including Potato Growers of Idaho, National Potato Promotion Board and the Bonneville County Farm Service Agency.

Bryon also began a real estate investment business buying and selling both residential and commercial real estate in Bonneville County. Through this venture he learned the importance of proper county planning and zoning and discovered areas where improvements could be made.

He has enjoyed volunteering in both his church and community. Bryon currently serves as a County Commissioner in District 3 of Bonneville County
Bryon Reed's Family

One Big Happy Family

Bryon married JoAnne Wood in 1978 and settled down on the family farm west of Idaho Falls. Bryon and JoAnne raised four children there, two boys and two girls. Their lives were quickly consumed by their kids' sporting events, piano lessons, performances, and homework. In 1996 JoAnne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease which they battled for many years. Tragically, JoAnne later developed breast cancer and passed away in 2007, leaving four married children. several grandchildren and a husband deeply hurt by her passing.

Bryon Reed married Debbie Wilkinson in 2009. Debbie had also been widowed, losing her husband to cancer several years earlier. Debbie also understood the pain of losing a spouse and had several children and grandchildren of her own. Bryon and Debbie's marriage has now resulted in a combined family of 7 children and 22 grandchildren. Family has always been, and will continue to be the motivating factor in their lives.

Bryon's Civic Involvement

Beyond his business and church responsibilities Bryon has been or is currently involved in the following organizations:

  • Ricks College Small Business Management
  • University of Idaho Extension Farm Management
  • Member of Idaho Grain Producers  Association
  • Member of International Hunters Education Association
  • Bonneville County Planning and Zoning Commissioner
  • Idaho Hunters Education Instructor
  • Bonneville County Farm Service Agency
  • National Potato Promotion Board Member
  • Potato Growers of Idaho
  • Bonneville County Commissioner
Civic Involvement

A Vision for the Future

Bryon's interest in preserving Bonneville County comes from his love of the land, the people, and the unique community that exists here. He has seen outside influences bring great opportunities but also difficult challenges to Eastern Idaho. What does the future hold for us here?

Bryon believes that we can hold on to the best of our traditions while still welcoming the improvements of our modern times. Doing so will take experience, patience, and good judgement. That is why he is willing to spend this time of his life serving as a Bonneville County Commissioner. He hopes that his work will help preserve our community for our children and grandchildren.

With a lifetime of experience behind him, he has gathered the support of businessmen, farmers, politicians, seniors, and both urban and rural voters. But he can't get elected without you. We ask for your vote in the 2018 primary election.