Our County Faces Many Important Issues

I have learned the complexity of County government during my time serving as a Commissioner. This experience will help me to make good progress as we continue to work on future projects.

Working for the People

Keep Our County Safe

“As a Commissioner, I remind myself daily whom I serve. My time in office will be short, so I strive each and every day to spend my time wisely to make a positive difference for Bonneville County residents.”
"Bonneville County has an outstanding Sheriff's Office with dedicated personnel, whom I respect and enjoy working with. Our Sheriff's Office works hard to operate ethically and efficiently and they deserve the full support of the community and the County Commissioners. County residents security must come first."

County Budget

Improve Relationships

" I have spent my life balancing business budgets and living within my means. During my time in office, I have dug deep into the complexities of the County budget. I can now use that experience to ensure that every tax dollar is wisely spent to keep our tax levy low."
"I believe that both city and rural residents want the elected officials of the county and the cities within the county to work in a spirit of cooperation. This type of working environment will foster smart growth while improving services and maximizing tax dollars. We all benefit when we find common ground."

Planning and Zoning

Protect Agriculture

Planning and Zoning
"County residents need protections for their property rights and rural living. Builders and developers need clear direction and wise planning and zoning along with a fair and timely permitting system. Myy decade of experience on the planning and zoning commission helped me quickly understand zoning issues we deal with weekly as a County Commissioner. I am grateful for that experience."
"A large area of Bonneville County is comprised of beautiful rural lands where both agricultural businesses exist and rural living is enjoyed. As a County Commissioner I have used my experience in agriculture to protect our land and our water. We all benefit from these resources and they must be understood to be protected."
If you have concerns that have not been addressed above and would like to hear my opinion, please give me a call. I am anxious to hear from you and discover which issues matter to you.